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Confidence. Focus. Self-Control.

Teaching for over 15 years, our mission has always been to combine tradition and innovation. We teach kids that learning discipline and self-control can be fun. Our classes are tailored to the specific needs of the different age groups with plenty of activities geared towards developing coordination, flexibility, focus, sharp memory and much more. 

We believe it is important for kids to have fun while training Karate. Our activities teach them that there is a time to take things seriously, to train hard, concentrate and focus. And after, there will always be a time to just play and be silly. We encourage kids to interact with each other and promote a friendly environment where everybody feels welcome.

For older kids who may be interested in competing, we can offer more intense training sessions with this objective in mind. Sensei Fernando has coached many kids from white belts to national champions.

Sensei Fernando Hisatugo is a Bachelor of Physical Education and has been teaching Karate for over 15 years. He taught PE in a school for kids with special needs for almost 10 years. Sensei Fernando is a black belt 3rd Dan and was Brazilian National Champion in the senior category in 2012 and South American Champion in 2012. 

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Interview with the Echo where we shared a bit about our story and the work that we do 

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