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Do I need a uniform to train?

Uniforms are not mandatory during the adaptation period (first month). After that, you must train using the appropriate uniform and belt. We have all sizes available.

What should I wear for the trial lesson?

Please wear something comfortable to move in. You will be training barefoot on tatami mats.

Can parents stay and watch?

Parents are welcome to stay and watch the class.

Do I need a gum shield?

For all aged 8+, a gum shield is mandatory when training to minimize the risk of injury.

What equipment do kids need?

Kids under the age of 8 only need their belt and uniform. Kids over the age of 8 need to bring their gum shield to every class. Later on, they must also have their own set of gloves and shin pads to protect from injuries. We have all sizes available for sale.

Do I need to have previous knowledge?

Not at all. Even if it is your very first time, we will be very happy for you to join us!

Can I bring water?

Yes, please do bring your own water bottle with you.

I'm an adult and I would like to train but I have to watch my kids. 

Kids are welcome to come and watch the class during adult training sessions. You can bring along a snack for them and they will most likely meet other kids here who are also accompanying their own parents.

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