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Students and parents must adhere to all instructions given by the Sensei Fernando and Senpai Rebecca at all times. By registering as a member, you agree on behalf of yourself and your child to abide by the rules adopted by the Dojo, including safety rules as they may be amended from time to time. Please note that your child's membership may be revoked for violation of any safety rules. By registering as a member, students automatically become members of ONAKAI, the NGB for Karate in Ireland. This means students and parents are also agreeing to abide by ONAKAI rules and follow their code of conduct.

Rules of the Dojo

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Safety Rules

By registering as a member, you are agreeing on behalf of yourself and your child to adhere to all the safety rules adopted by the dojo. You also are also acknowledging that Karate (and all associated training exercises) is a physical contact sport and carries with it the potential for injury. You are agreeing to voluntarily assume the risk of participating (or permitting your child to participate) in Karate training and all associated training exercises.

Hair and Nails

No hair accessories such as pins, headband, bows, etc. may be worn to class. Long hair should be tied in a single ponytail. Nails should be kept short.


No jewellery of any kind should be worn to class. This includes watches, earrings, necklaces, rings, piercings, etc. 


Students must wear their karate gi and belt to all training sessions. These can be purchased directly from us. A t-shirt, shorts or leggings may be worn under the karate gi. Shoes are not allowed on the mats and must be removed. Students will be asked to remove their socks also as socks can be very slippery.


For all classes for ages, 6+ a gum shield is mandatory. Students must bring their gum shield to every class and wear it when sparring and when Sensei instructs them to. All students in classes for ages 8+ must have their own set of gloves and shin pads which can be purchased directly from us. Students in classes for ages 6-7 must have a pair of Karate gloves. All students in classes for ages 13+ must also have a chest guard. Although the use of protective equipment reduces the risk of injury, it does not eliminate the risk of injury entirely. Students must bring their gloves and shin pads to every training session and wear them when Sensei instructs them to. Protective equipment should be in good condition and must be replaced when it is damaged or worn.


Students and parents must be fair, respectful, and supportive of club, coaches, friends, and other athletes. Students and parents must talk to their instructor or coach, children’s officer (Rebecca Hisatugo), if they do not understand something or if someone has caused them harm or made them feel upset or if they see someone causing harm to another member. Students and parents must always be fair, do their best to achieve goals; be gracious if they do not achieve their goals. Students and parents must not cheat, hurt or bully; students must not allow others to force them to cheat, hurt or bully or encourage others to cheat, hurt or bully. Students and parents must listen to and respect decisions made by others. 

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